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Growing a business is tough. We make it easy by leveraging new technologies and using the right tools for the right problems.

Welcome to Top Notch Tech

We are in a technological arms race, where data and algorithms determine your future. 

Are you winning?

Let us show you how...

Practical Tech Solutions
for the Modern Business


Leverage AI in your business

AI is not just meant for Fortune 500™ companies and university research departments any more.  We provide custom, practical AI solutions to help you achieve greater productivity and faster growth - solutions that pay for themselves.

 Boost your productivity and market share

 Competitor surveillance & machine learning enabled marketing

 Turn your ideas into reality with Google's Cloud AI


Build a revenue generating asset (Not just a digital business card)

Your website is a digital version of your business card, yes. But it can be, and it should be, so much more. Your website must become a revenue engine that showcases your brand, positions you in the marketplace, captures new leads, qualifies new prospects and brings you new top-value clients. We accomplish this by:

 Focusing on your customer needs (guided by user data)

 Smart, friction free UX (User Experience)

 Multi-platform excellence (Mobile, Desktop, Tablet, IoT, etc.)


Millions of visitors served in under 500 milliseconds

Speed sells. Speed differentiates. Speed wins. Almost everyone can build a website or app. Few can do it for performance, at scale.

 High availability, high volume, high performance server setups and migrations

 Practical, quick upgrades for quick load times

 Full stack performance optimisation


Stop paying for repetitive work

Automate specific, tangible tasks in your business to promote efficiency and eliminate human error. If a task is done on a computer, we can automate it.

 Save serious time and money

 Reduce human dependency in your day to day operations

 Free your staff so they can do more meaningful, valuable work

SEO 3.0

New model Search Engine Optimisation for 2023 and beyond

Let's show you how SEO is NOT dead.

 A new, holistic and sustainable approach to SEO

 Leverage new content that is ready for AI and powered by AI

 Get ready for voice where winner takes all

Why Work With Top Notch Tech?

We provide leading edge tech solutions to our select clients and partners.

When you work with us, you never have to pay for failures or take on any technical risk. 

In fact, we refuse payment until you are fully satisfied with our work on each project.

We do this partly on principle, and partly because we only work with a few, serious and ethical clients.

Our goal isn't to sell you a website priced on the number of pages, or to bill you to attend a few "mastermind" meetings where we riff on the obvious.

We are only interested in results. Your results.

Our goal is to leverage our extensive tech expertise, and the most recent technology the world has to offer, to achieve your business objectives.

Our goal is - if we are a good fit - to become your tech partner.

Our goal is to achieve together.

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