TopNotch.Tech is a small coalition of software experts, technologists and tech executives who are available as consultants.

We don't operate like a typical for profit hierarchical firm. We function more like a co-op where every permanent member of our team is a partner with voting shares. We do not have any passive investors.

We believe in free markets, democracy, autonomy and responsibility. We take our privacy, as well as the privacy of our clients very seriously.

We stand against racism and bigotry, and donate a portion of our profits to worthy causes.

With our work, we don't have a one size fits all approach.

With no egos to show, no urge to build a resume or experiment on your dime, we are the only software group that is focused entirely on your business goals.

We don't charge for time, but for results.

If you think your business can benefit from our tech expertise, feel free to contact us to find out all the ways we can help.

And if you're not at a place in your business where you can leverage our resources, we encourage you to join our newsletter.

Many use our newsletter for practical tips on leveraging technology to grow their business.