Learn To Use The Software Mastery Framework™ For Creating Profitable Apps & Websites

Join our quarterly Success in Software workshop series to get hands-on, personalised guidance on building your software project.

✅ In these 55 minute sessions you'll learn:

✅ How to build software applications fast with limited funding or technical expertise

✅ How to tell (and make sure) that your project gets engineered properly by the developers you work with

✅ How to get 2x to 5x more work from your team without burning them out, lowering code quality, or getting into technical debt

✅ How to structure your development goals so that you can avoid dead end software and throw away code

✅ Discover which tech stack to use on and what to avoid for cost effective and rapid development

✅ How to make the right technical decisions even when you cannot code and don't have the time to learn

✅ How to find, qualify and recruit top tech talent on any budget, both part-time as well as full-time

✅ How to get reliable tech support even when you work with remote teams

✅ How to lead the four developer personalities effectively

✅ When to use contract work and when to partner in a startup

✅ How to eliminate risk of attrition or malicious compliance which tear many teams apart

✅ Must know industry stats on developer pricing, project pricing, technology valuations, lead costs, sales costs and competition

✅ How to avoid getting stuck testing features and chasing bugs yourself - without hiring a QA department

✅ Three tactical software project management tricks that lets you ask for something just once and get it done the way you want it done

✅ How to navigate the legal minefields of open-source software, licensed software and patent sharks

✅ Plus: You can ask top tech industry experts any specific as well as confidential questions about your projects and get real, honest answers with zero sales agenda (we do not write code for others)

Why We Created The Success in Software Workshop

Each software project is unique.

Your budget. Your timing. Your market. Your goals...

It's impossible to create a one-size-fits-all lecture that answers all your questions and shows you a guaranteed path success.

It cannot be done!

After all, someone else's best practice that helped them become a multi-billion dollar firm, might actually be the one critical flaw that causes your failure.

Or someone else's costly scheduling "mistake", can actually be the key decision that catapults your project into global success.

Just as every patient has different medical needs and responds to different medicine, every software project has wildly different technical, people and project needs.

It all depends on the specifics of your project...

This is why, every project must be evaluated on a case by case basis.

Every project must be designed differently, validated differently, staffed differently, coded differently, tested differently, marketed differently, and even use a different development methodology.

And the discovery of these needs is by far the most expensive and time consuming critical exercise that separates the winners from the obsolete. 

Do you know how your project must be built for success?

We created the Success in Software workshop to show you exactly that!

By giving you personalised guidance in a small workshop setting, we're able to teach you the best practices of the industry, and also show you how to apply the right software management principles to your project.

How The Success in Software Workshop Is Structured

When you attend our workshop you'll learn our Software Mastery Framework™ and get all the important answers to your most crucial questions. 

(Don't worry all attendees sign non-disclosure agreements and we guarantee that that no one will be competing in your sector or for your business)

Each week, we'll meet virtually as a small group and focus on one of the seven components of the Software Mastery Framework™

These components are:

1. Define Your Problem - solve the right problems with the right technologies

2. Set Your Team - run your team (not the other way around!)

3. Chose Your Tech - pick the right tech stack, software architecture and development infrastructure for your needs

4. MVP ASAP - get the most cost effective prototype. Not just a demo - but an asset that can be built on

5. Big Waterfall - guarantee that your project makes fiscal sense, gets done in budget and on time

6. Small SCRUM - your developer(s) work at peak capacity on their own, without you babysitting them

7. Feedback Loops - so that users love your software and tell their friends

Each session will consist of a short and practical lecture, a case study breakdown as well as a comprehensive Q&A session where we'll work on your project needs.

Who The Workshop is Designed For

Our workshops are designed for entrepreneurs and business leaders who manage software projects.

While software developers who wish to become managers can and do attend our workshops, Success in Software is specifically designed for individuals who do not have a coding background.

If you are hiring developers, running a software team, or building a new application, you will get a lot of value when you attend.

If you are an angel investor or a VC professional who evaluates software projects and hears pitches, you will also find the workshop very helpful. (Many do)

Our Development Philosophy

We have a very practical and pragmatic approach.

We also believe that every dollar saved during development, is another dollar that can be invested in marketing. (Which is always more expensive than anticipated)

That's why, we focus on teaching a cost effective and rapid approach in development.

But that does not mean we advocate finding the cheapest labor, building low quality software or cutting corners! 

And this distinction of attitude is important...

Software development is a special beast and a creative endeavour. Treating it like industrial labor or hunting bargains does not work. 

If the first and only question in your mind when leading a software project is cost of development or how much your developers earn per hour - we are not the right group for you and this is not the right workshop for you.

But if you want to create stable, extensible and lucrative software for the long run, and you want to invest in your product to build a profitable business - you will thoroughly enjoy our workshops.

How to Attend Success in Software

Complete the application form below to get started. 

Someone on our team will contact you within 48 hours for a quick, 15 minute discussion to make sure that we are a right fit.

After that call, we'll begin the on-boarding process and get you into our next workshop.

Attendance to a single workshop is priced at $97. Most people attend a series of eight workshops that cover the entire Software Mastery Framework™ and enjoy the reduced price of $237.

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